Me Me

Jenessa Sargent, Chief Executive Officer

Riverside, CA

Trained and mentored by the founders of Alpha Treatment Centers, Jenessa has held various positions throughout her fifteen years with the organization. In 2012, Jenessa developed the private adoption program which has provided families with an affordable option for growing their family. In October of 2015, Jenessa was elected as the chief executive officer by the ATC Board of Directors. Jenessa is dedicated to maintaining the agency’s reputation for creating a family centered work environment and unwavering devotion to the children within the programs.

Tiffany Bravo, Chief Operations Officer

Riverside, CA

Tiffany started at Alpha Treatment Centers in August of 2002 as an internal auditor, she held several clerical positions before moving into the accounting department in 2004. In 2009, Tiffany took a sabbatical to focus on her family. Tiffany rejoined her Alpha Family in 2016 and jumped head first into her new administrative role. Tiffany is an enthusiastic team player who is making great progress toward Alpha’s shared vision.


Shannon Trudeau, Executive Director

Riverside, CA

Shannon first joined our Alpha Family in the spring of 2003 as an internal auditor before moving into a management position with Alpha's tutoring program, Alpha Learning Centers. Shannon then took a personal sabbatical to consider other fields of practice. In 2009, Shannon explored the medical field and became a phlebotomist for Riverside medical clinic. Although she loved the field of medicine and seriously considered becoming a nurse after her acceptance into the RCC nursing program, her heart pulled her back into the lives of children and she decided to get degrees in psychology and school counseling. After returning to Alpha as a member of the admin team in 2015, Shannon demonstrated her ability to create trauma focused policies for Alpha and was an invaluable asset to the Alpha support team and our families. Shannon ventured out to gain knowledge in ABA through California Psych Care as a behavioral interventionalist and has joined the Alpha Family once again as the new Executive Director of the Foster Family Agency, aiding in the development of the new Intensive Services Foster Care program. Welcome home Shannon, we missed you!        

Amber Lund, Social Service Director

Hesperia, CA

With a master’s degree in Human Services, Amber has spent the last 9 years directing her efforts toward child welfare. Amber became a member of the Alpha Family in January of 2017 as a case manager. It was soon apparent that Amber’s social work and leadership skills made her a perfect fit for the ATC admin team. Amber’s experience as an administrator with a previous foster family agency, gives her the upper hand when leading the ATC social work staff and with administrative duties. Her hands-on approach allows the ATC staff and families to truly connect with her. With all her wonderful qualities and accomplishments, her greatest strength is her undying dedication for the children and families she serves.


Noelia Tarditti, RFA and Adoption Supervisor

Walnut, CA

Noelia joined the Alpha Family in February  2018 after providing SAFE adoption home studies for a previous foster family agency. After obtaining a Master's of Social Work in 2014, Noelia began her social service career with Inland Regional Center before moving on to work with At-Risk Foster Youth. Noelia is a prized team member of Alpha's administration, functioning primarily in our adoption unit. Noelia is passionate about social justice and child welfare which makes her a great fit for our Alpha Family.

Leticia “makin’ it happen” Flethez, RFA/Adoption Manager

Leticia started her journey with Alpha Treatment Centers in 1993 and has been a cherished member of the Alpha Family ever since. Leticia, known to most Alpha Family members as “Tisha”, is the first contact for most ATC Team members and prospective resource parents. Her years with Alpha allows her to respond accurately to most questions you may have.  “Tisha” is always ready and willing to lend a helping hand whenever needed. If you’re in low spirits, Tisha’s warm and upbeat personality will have you smiling before you know it!   


Leah Mahoney & Nadine Khalil, Community Outreach Coordinator

Riverside, CA

Leah and Nadine work VERY hard to bring awareness to the communities we work with. You may meet one of these hardworking ladies during a recruitment or outreach event. They are here to share resources and information to prospective families and community partners. Look out for their monthly E-newsletter!


Luz Mendoza, Case Manager

Luz is the newest member of the ATC Full-time social work team. Luz obtained her MSW from University of Southern California while working as a residential counselor at a group home and an advocate at a women’s resource center. Her internships also include advocating for victims of domestic violence for the Fresno county DA and California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation, adult parole operations division. Currently, Luz is working her way towards a license in clinical social work as an associate clinical social worker (ASW).

Livier Lopez, Case Manager

Livier was born in San Pedro Caro Michoacán, Mexico until her family relocated to Brawley California at the age of 15. Graduating from Northern Arizona University in 2008 with a BSW and in 2012 with an MSW from San Diego State University, Livie began her career in social work. Livier has worked with foster children for over 20-years in different capacities including foster parent, case manager and Administrator. Livie had the additional experience of being an administrator for a board and care facility for the mentally ill, and social worker at two other foster family agencies. She has worked as a case manager and facilitator at a shelter for domestic violence and is certified in Anger Management Facilitation, Conflict Resolution, and Group Processes. Livie is caring, loyal and companionate. We couldn’t find a more dedicated case manager for the children in our programs.


Emilita “Emee” Espinas, Auditing Clerk

Laguna, Philippines

Emilita moved to the US in 1990.  In 2015, Emee joined the Alpha Family as the auditing clerk, providing all Alpha staff with detailed accounts of case file documents. In addition to her diligent work keeping the case files in compliance, she also helps ATC resource families through--the sometimes stressful--monthly paperwork submissions. Emme is an irreplaceable member of the Alpha Family.