Fostering to Adopt a Child

There is more than one road to adoption. Have you considered that there are 1,400 children in Los Angeles County waiting to find their forever family? The process can vary slightly; however, the process typically takes 6-18 months.

1.Matching a Child and Adoptive Family

Once approved, the ATC adoption coordinator will work with your family and the contracted County adoption units to find a child in need of a family like yours!


After collaboration with the County and your family, and a decision to move forward with the match has been made, you will participate in a meeting to discuss the child’s complete history. Legally, the County must disclose all information they have regarding the child to the prospective adoptive family. After considering the information provided, and you choose to become the committed prospective adoptive family for this child, you will visit the child at his/her current resource family home or a mutually agreed upon community location. The visits may progress to overnight visits at your home, or an immediate placement, depending on the age of the child and the child’s current needs.

3.Finalization Process with the Courts

In the state of California, a child is not “freed for adoption” until a prospective adoptive family has been identified and, in most cases, living with the family. After a child is living with your family for six months, the court may move forward with terminating parental rights and you will sign adoptive placement and the court adoption process will begin. The time between beginning the adoption process and finalizing with the court will depend on several factors and can vary significantly.