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The road to ATC Resource Family Approval 

1. Apply to Foster or Adopt

Call 951-369-5282 to find out about attending an orientation.



2. Attend Orientation

Get an overview about what it’s like to be a ATC foster or adoptive parent at one of our orientation sessions. Orientation sessions are posted on our calendar of events.

3. Training

ATC provides FREE Trauma Informed RFA training. 40 hours of pre-approval training is required before approval. Specialized parenting skills are required to care for the children in our Alpha Family.

4. Home Study

After your training is complete and all necessary paperwork and documentation is submitted to ATC, an ATC Home Study worker will call to schedule the SAFE home study visits. This process consists of the ATC home study social worker conducting two or three visits with your family, in your home and is, typically, completed within three weeks.