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Our Mission Statement: “Our goal is to know what the child’s needs are and to have an in-depth understanding of the dynamics of the families so that each child’s specific needs may be met throughout their lifetime. Our vision is that all children, in need of a family, will have a forever family.”

Alpha Adoption Centers

Alpha allows many foster children to find permanent and loving homes. Alpha Adoption Centers are dedicated to finding appropriate matches for the adoptive children and families in our program. Alpha Adoption Centers’ philosophy is that everyone needs a family and that no one ever outgrows this need.



alphaadoptioncentersThank you for reaching out for information about Alpha Adoption Centers. With over 25 years of experience in children’s  social services, Alpha Adoption Centers is a full service Adoption Agency providing quality domestic newborn adoptions.

Alpha’s adoption services are supportive and nurturing. We help guide adoptive parents and birth parents through the adoption process with sensitivity and reliability.

We understand that as a prospective adoptive parent, your process to build a family might have started some time ago.

You likely have experienced many challenges along the way. Following the highest ethical standards, the knowledgeable social workers on our staff will walk you through the adoption process, and answer any questions you might have. We will provide you in-depth preparation and support services. We are committed to helping adoptive parents build loving families.



Our philosophy is based on one-on-one guidance during this fragile time. We offer a unique program; a social worker to take you through the entire adoption process. We believe that adoption is not the time to feel lost.


We hope to encourage and teach prospective adoptive parents that some of the older children may have developed dysfunctional cognitive processes and behavioral problems as a means of coping with life experiences, however, these children are still worthwhile persons entitled to a functional family. Alpha Adoption Centers’ social workers will focus on restructuring these thought processes to further positive behavioral and cognitive goals. .

Pr_34_-_TRS_-_16_07_10_-_063In 1985, a California non-profit corporation was set up in for the general purpose of the prevention of cruelty to children, charitable, and/or educational purposes.

This company was founded by Marilyn Lang, M.S. and named  Alpha Treatment Centers . Ms. Lang was a former child protection social worker with San Bernardino County Social Services.

While with CPS Ms. Lang was often unsettled by the number of failed placements some children had to contend with, and the obvious lack of appropriate foster care homes capable of providing treatment. .

Because of these emotionally needy, and behaviorally dysfunctional, children our foster family agency was developed.  Alpha Treatment Centers Foster Family Agency has grown since its inception in 1987, thanks to the hard work of many dedicated and talented employees, some of whom volunteered their time to get the agency started.

There are now four (4) regional offices serving hundreds of children, giving them a chance for a better future, and preventing the need for group homes or institutional care.  .


A Gift Of Love

Pregnant and looking for options? WE CAN HELP…birth mothers can contact us from anywhere in the United States. We provide complete domestic adoption services, home study to finalization. We are non-sectarian and do accept all applicants. Our philosophy is to provide services all adoptive families, birth mothers and birth fathers and treat them with respect. We have a team of social workers who provide education and support to families throughout the home study and adoption process.


agiftofluvAlpha Adoption Centers, a not-for-profit agency, believes that every woman has the right to make her own reproductive health decisions.

In order to make the best choice, it’s important to know all of your options. Every birth mother should have the opportunity to select wonderful pre-screened  adoptive parents, or family based on their likes and interests.

Your Alpha counselor, will provide you with complete, unbiased information to help you decide what is right for you and your baby. Our mission is to help every child or baby in need of an adoptive family find a warm and loving home.

Adoption is a beautiful way to provide your child with a loving family so he or she can live a happy and healthy life.  You will not only be providing your child with the precious gift of life you will also be choosing others to act as parents and raise the child.  Adoption may be an option that you are seriously considering, or you may just be wondering what adoption is like, or you may feel that you could never choose adoption.

Whatever your thoughts, it is always good to have information about all of your choices before you make a final decision. Considering adoption is a very heroic decision.  As a birthmother who may be planning adoption you are making the ultimate sacrifice for your child.  You are giving your baby the gift of life.

You may be overwhelmed and asking yourself the following questions:

What are my options?
How will I find the money, time or skills to give my child the care he/she will need?
Will I be able to finish my education?

Our waiting families come from all walks of life, and look to adopt for many different reasons. What they have in common is a deep desire to share their love with a child.

Call us toll free at 1-877-955-2122


We will take some basic information from you and then outline steps to begin the adoption process. Don’t worry, the call is free, everything we discuss is private, and there is no obligation or commitment on your part. Please feel free to visit our A Gift of Luv main website for more information on us.

Please visit our A Gift of Luv birth mother website. From your very first contact with us, we’ll support and empower you. You’re taking a big step, so let us help you move forward confidently, with your options clearly spelled out.


Alpha Treatment Centers

Alpha Treatment Centers has placed over ten thousand foster children into hundreds of certified homes for over 24 years. We understand the difficult task foster parents undertake when asked to assume the parental responsibilities over a “new” child in their home and the stress in dealing with a system that asks much from foster parents while offering little in the way of reward. 
By helping a child through a difficult time in their life, a foster parent becomes a part of that child’s life. The time spent with the child can be from a few days to many years depending on the circumstances surrounding the child’s situation. The influence a foster parent has on a child may be significant and long lasting, therefore, it is Alpha’s goal to assist foster parents in making that influence a positive experience for the child. 


alphatreatmentcentersAlpha Treatment Centers has experience with hundreds of adoptions through foster care over our 25 plus years. Before we obtained our adoption license in 2009, the appropriate county took over the adoption process while Alpha Treatment Centers continued to provide foster care services to the child and our certified home.


Once the adoption became final, Alpha closed the foster care case and evaluated whether our foster parents could (or wanted to) continue as foster parents. Many of our current Foster Parents have chosen to continue as foster parents after adoption.


Now, with our adoption license, Alpha can continue to provide both foster care and adoption services during the fost-adopt process. As with all foster care cases, an adoption case, too, is managed by a county (adoption) worker and the presiding court, while the training, paperwork and documentation is accomplished through the adoption agency, like Alpha.



Alpha strives in helping our foster parents maintain a safe and welcoming quality that benefits the children that are placed in their home – whether it’s a day, a month, or for years the contact can last a lifetime. A foster care agency is only as good as the foster parents who graciously give of their time and energy to provide a safe and healthy home environment for those foster children placed in their care.

From birth to adulthood thousands of children, each year, require some time away from their family setting because of circumstances that were viewed as unsafe by local authorities. It is on such occasions when Foster Family Agencies are called upon to place a child into a certified foster care home.


Alpha Learning Centers

Alpha Treatment Centers, in 2003, opened Alpha Learning Centers to provide educational tutoring to foster, group home and low-income children.  Alpha Leaning Centers is a California State approved SES provider and is a part of the Strategic Tutoring Program through Riverside County Department of Educations.  Currently, Alpha Learning Centers has contracts with many school districts in southern California.


alphalearningcentersWe at Alpha Learning Centers believe each student is unique in his or her academic challenges.  While one student struggles with testing, another has trouble with reading. Alpha Learning Centers tutoring programs provide assistance with math, reading, writing and testing skill.  Helping your student overcome skill gaps.

Our experience has taught us that improved self-esteem can come from one-to-one tutoring and can extend into all aspects of a student’s life ranging from significantly improved performance (e.g., exam results) to more positive interaction with teachers and friends.


Which is why Alpha Learning Centers offers only one-on-one tutoring:

  • We aim to help all students achieve their potential by giving them encouragement, understanding and individualized attention.
  • We strive to raise our students’ aspirations and achievement levels by infusing them with enthusiasm for the subject, self-confidence, motivation and direction.
  • We believe that everyone regardless of age, ability or background can benefit from one-to-one tutoring.

The year 2012 marks our 25th anniversary, and what better way to celebrate than to embrace our community and open our doors to the general public. Alpha Adoption Centers welcomes you to join us as we embark on a very exciting journey: private adoptions!